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24 Aug 2008 02:45 pm

Hey kids!

Your friendly neighbourhood Rob Hooley's here!

Yeah, so, Uni + Booze + Crazyness = COMICS!

Also = broken graphics tablet :(

But never fear! My artwork is so bad I can just use a mouse! :)

Oh Oh! I did some fanart over at http://kinokofry.com go check it out in the fanart section, and check out her work! :)

27 Sep 2007 07:10 am

The Origin of Rob's Green Hair!

Comic Updated

I thought I'd explain ^^;


24 Sep 2007 05:17 am

Why A.D.. can't be a Saiyan anymore...

Comic Updated!

A.D.. said "Draw me as a Saiyan, n00b!" so I did, he lol'd.



12 Sep 2007 06:55 pm


Comic Updated!

She did say that... a looooooong time ago xD




P.S. I have green hair<3

07 Jun 2007 12:56 pm

True Story.

Comic Updated!

What's that?! An update?! Whaaa!?

Sorry about the delay people, my graphics tablet broke :( *borrows a friends*


23 May 2007 10:59 am

Polymorphed Much?

Comic Updated!

Another WoW Joke, I must play too much! :)

New guy in this comic is Rich. New Character. Yes.


Don't forget:


Lol, Starfox.

22 May 2007 01:42 pm

Special Opening Double Update!

Comic Updated!

I thought I'd update twice, just to put up some content :)

Will be updating every wednesday!

22 May 2007 10:01 am

We're Open (yeah)

Comic Updated!

We-ell, I finally found a decent server for the comic :)

First Comic is a Bubble-Hearth World of Warcraft joke, original, eh?

Well I hope you all enjoy, I'm going to be updating every week, most likely on a Wednesday, still deciding ^^


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